We feel, think and act in the best interest of our participants, partners, and our community.


We are non-partisan and non-discriminatory in our interactions with members and the Community we serve.


We are truthful, honest, and fair in all that we do and conduct all our business with a high level of integrity, transparency and accountability.


We work towards continuous improvement and sustainability of women owned businesses to guide them in attaining financial empowerment through entrepreneurship.


Our purpose is underpinned by a premise of collaboration and partnership for sustained growth of community : business building business, entrepreneurs encouraging entrepreneurs, community supporting community.


Two Caribbean women entrepreneurs have come together to tackle the access to capital challenge faced by many entrepreneurs. FundRiseHERTM is a crowdfunded grant program to empower growth-oriented women entrepreneurs to make a bigger impact on growing Caribbean economies. And we can all participate by giving and/or sharing.

We want you to have a great FundRiseHERTM experience. Our women entrepreneurs will only get this needed funding if you pitch in and make your contribution, small or large …and if you share it with your network and encourage them to also contribute! We’ve therefore built FundRiseHERTM around some core values that we believe will be critical to its’ impact and your engagement.

Help Fuel the Businesses of 50 Women Entrepreneurs, or more!

In every community there’s work to be done. In every nation, there are wounds to heal. In every heart, there is the power to do it. ~M. Williamson

Our Team

WE are the women who have been doing the heavy lifting to give birth to FundRiseHER™. Impassioned by the FundRiseHER™ Vision, we’re donating our time, talents and treasures to build a gender equal Caribbean.


We aim to leverage rewards-based crowdfunding on to build a grant fund, FundRiseHER™, for women entrepreneurs in the Caribbean.


  • To build awareness and increase the use of crowdfunding as an alternative mode of accessing capital for entrepreneurs.
  • To foster the growth and contribution of women entrepreneurs to the national economies in the Caribbean.
  • To create a vehicle for entrepreneurs and corporates to support entrepreneurship as a key element of the growth agenda for Caribbean economies

Cecile Watson

FundRiseHERTM was conceptualized by A. Cecile Watson, Founder & CEO of Gr8Way Consulting, and
She is the Regional Partner of the Commonwealth Businesswomen’s Network for the Americas and the Caribbean.

Valrie Grant

Valrie Grant is Founder & CEO of GeoTechVision. She was named Commonwealth Woman Entrepreneur of the Year, 2015. FundRiseHERTM is her flagship initiative as Commonwealth BusinessWoman Ambassador.


GeoTechVision (Program Administrator)


Kathie Daniel

Southpaw Grafix (Graphics Specialist)


Daedra Haylock

Prfect Green Belize (Brand & Communication Strategy)


Lisa Camille Robinson

Gr8Way Consulting (Copywriting)


Courtnie Watson

Gr8Way Consulting (Social Media Strategist)

It’s positive! Well needed! Very welcomed here in Guyana, and I can imagine across the region! I have no doubt that that first million will be raised very quickly because I think it’s a program that most of us recognize is worthy of our support, and …we’re ready to invest in our women entrepreneurs.
~Minister of Business Dominic Gaskin, Guyana

Our Governing Partners

The processes and activities of FundRiseHERTM are subject to the guidance and authority of the governing partners who will participate as members of a Board of Governors comprised of the FundRiseHERTM Country Affiliates.