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FundRiseHER™ is introduced as a proof of concept for crowdfunding in the Commonwealth and it is being implemented as the flagship initiative of Valrie Grant, the Commonwealth Businesswomen’s Ambassador.  After its inaugural launch in the Caribbean in 2016, its program plans contemplates a roll out throughout the Commonwealth in the ensuing years through to 2019.


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The program is being offered in the Caribbean under the collaborative engagement of its governing partners to whom FundRiseHER™ is accountable for governance, execution and brand integrity.  They are:

  • Gr8way Consulting Ltd: Under the lead of A. Cecile Watson who is spearheading the implementation of the program.
  • GeoTechVision Ltd: Offering operations support under the lead of CEO, Valrie Grant, also the Commonwealth Businesswomen’s Ambassador.

Independent partners are:

  • Commonwealth Businesswomen’s Network: Under the lead of Dr. Arif Zaman, Executive Director
  • Caribbean Export Development Agency: Under the lead of Pamela Coke Hamilton, Executive Director

Commonwealth Businesswomen’s Network

  • A fully accredited organisation of the Commonwealth Secretariat.
  • Recognised by 53 governments across five continents.
  • Focused on women’s economic empowerment
  • Enabling and embedding economic empowerment through outcomes across the ‘3 Ts’ of trade, talent and training that are measureable, impactful and – crucially for a community of a billion women – scalable.
  • Responsible for the Women in Business Programme of the Commonwealth Enterprise and Investment Council (CWEIC)
  • Operates through partners across all regions.



Caribbean Export Development Agency:

  • Pamela Coke Hamilton, Executive Director
  • Trade promotion Agency of the 15 member states of CARIFORUM.
  • Visioning to be internationally recognized as the leading driver for Caribbean private sector development.
  • Delivering transformative and targeted interventions in export development and investment promotion.
  • Enhancing the competitiveness and values of Caribbean Brands


The processes of grantee selection have been designed to establish the greatest rigour to enforce the principles of fairness, integrity and transparency, and to be in alignment with the brand values.

The features include:

  • Access to the rubric of evaluation by applicants.
  • Facebook closed group as official and only channel for applicants to pose questions and receive answers.
  • Shortlisting of Semi-Finalists and Finalists by local teams, a minimum of 3, lead by the FundRiseHER™ Country Affiliate and at least 2 independent parties who are competent to judge the investment readiness of the venture.
  • A Board of Governors comprising the FCA’s and at least 2 members from each of CBW and CEDA.
  • Final selection of awardees by a team of minimum 3 from the Board of Governors, with at least one member of which will be from the Independent Governing Partners.
  • No FCA will select awardees from their countries.